Using the internet can be enjoyable experience or it can causes issues for people if they are not aware of scams and pop ups with toll free numbers that will directed to a computer company that have expensive prices for services. i am someone who uses the internet often to read articles, keep in touch with friends, family, watch films, play games, and find employment. Back in August of this month, i attempted to download a game on my new desktop and it caused viruses and slow down my computer. The following day i saw a toll free number that i can call to get my computer fix and it led me to a company that had staff who had a hard time speaking clear English and being direct with cost. I made awful decision to let the company used my credit card for their services because i wasn’t clear about if i had to pay or not. My family were upset that i let this happen and they had to cancel my card and took it away from me.

From this lesson, i learned not to call the toll free number pop up and give away my credit card information. Also i learned not to give my computer to someone over the internet to control it. For those who uses the internet be aware of pop ups with toll free numbers, having a technician remote access your computer, and paying an expensive price for services. You can find articles to read about internet scams and what you can do in order to prevent this from happening to anyone. These articles are helpful to read. I wish i was more informed about toll free numbers, scams, and remote access.

Everyone who uses the internet please protect yourself from these problems from happening.