Righting Rage

I am Sane Other people crazy My actions are my own. My decisions, a choice of options debated behind wide eyes perceived through a sculptured heart I am crazy Other people are sane They wouldn’t have done things the same, seen things the same, responded the same. Not even close… so why did I? I […]


Policing for profit. Forfeiture Law Texas has broad civil forfeiture laws that offer little protection for property owners- and it uses them, as well as federal equitable sharing, aggressively. In civil forfeiture proceedings, the state must show that property is related to a crime and subject to forfeiture by a preponderance of the evidence. This […]

My G.I.F.T for a Changed Future

As this month of July, 17th marks the International Day of a global icon, an epitome of valor, a selfless dreamer and a resonating influence that penetrated Africa and the world – Nelson Mandela; I present a coined concept of molding ourselves, especially the younger generation as G.I.F.T of change as Mandela did to make […]

How Lucky Are We?

What does it mean to be lucky? Is it having a well paid job or maybe being so rich that we don’t need to work at all? I’m sure most, if not all of us would love to win the lottery. Then what? Go on a cruise around the world? Give some to charity? Look […]

Let’s Set the Record Straight About Gossip

I love learning. I love learning more and more about all sorts of topics from the banal to the bizarre everyday. One subject I was recently interested in learning more about was the psychology behind gossip. What I found is what I would consider a disturbing amount of articles and documentaries perpetuating the idea that […]

Poor Little Timothy

Timothy Daniels was just as ambitious and intelligent as all the other students in class. But little Timothy did not understand why his teacher was telling the class false information about their country. Their country didn’t give them all this freedom Ms.Sherley spoke of. Ms. Sherley also wasn’t accurate in her statements of the Highest […]