What Ravi Saw

When Ravi saw the big, white, growling things rushing towards him in immense enthusiasm, he was scared out of his wits. He ran, with eyes almost blinded with fear, towards Seeta. But then, the big white things played a trick. They suddenly fell down at Ravi’s feet. In utter humility, they sped away, respecting his […]


Murder never goes as planned. This phrase seemed to follow me throughout my existence, like a heavy, heavy shadow that grows bigger as the sun sets. It’ll probably be etched on my gravestone, right next to “Here lies good ole What’s-His-Name” and “We hardly knew ye.” Literally. Nobody knows my name. I’m not even too […]

Four Short Words

Just one month ago, four short words changed her world: “Will you marry me?” Now, a half-mile walk to the Alpine County bus station was all that stood between Alissa and the biggest decision of her life. January 2nd, 2015 “No.” A puzzled look was all Damon could muster after her shocking response. “No, Damon. […]