Running from Reality

I cannot stop running from reality, Being the coward I know I am. But the fact remains to be that one day I will tire and collapse to my knees, my legs bloodied and bruised from its relentless pounding against the bare cement, my eyes swollen and watering from the harsh winds battering them, my […]

Blame and Remember

You took it from me The only thing that was keeping me sane They say forgive and forget But how can I forgive and forget When my heart feels as if it has been carved out of its place And it’s been replaced with a vast and dense stone Tell me how can I forgive […]

What Survives

What survives a fire? Let me catalogue for you what the flames didn’t steal from me. Her diamond ring (it never quite matched the sparkle in my baby’s eye). Her carbon-fiber skis (a must-have for the St. Moritz crowd, even though she didn’t ski). Her sterling silver tea service (a display item for others to […]