No God Required

Religion has no ownership over morality. The point of this article comes neither from a place of pro-religious or pro-atheist rhetoric, but from a simple and logical observation. There are many, many beliefs in our world, and perhaps the biggest flaw with virtually all of them, is the idea that that belief is best, the […]


Infallible If 100 lashes is not enough The punishment of the grave, The fierce looking face of Nakir, Mightier and mightier than you imagine Beware before it is too late What of His anger? The grand architect of the universe, That accountability would be uneasy, Indeed would make you queasy Beware before it is too […]

Memo to Myself, Sitting in Church Earlier Today

My stiff, stiff neck. Frozen in time, a statue in a museum. A naked one, ashamed of being stared at. A sentient one, thinking there’s glances pointing towards you, but then the museum is dark at night and there’s absolutely no one there, god damnit. My heavy breaths. In, out. Stutter. Memo to myself, earlier […]