Running from Reality

I cannot stop running from reality, Being the coward I know I am. But the fact remains to be that one day I will tire and collapse to my knees, my legs bloodied and bruised from its relentless pounding against the bare cement, my eyes swollen and watering from the harsh winds battering them, my […]

Blame and Remember

You took it from me The only thing that was keeping me sane They say forgive and forget But how can I forgive and forget When my heart feels as if it has been carved out of its place And it’s been replaced with a vast and dense stone Tell me how can I forgive […]

Mary’s Christmas

Once upon a midnight clear, when the cold, cozy breeze consumed December’s time. There was a child so dear, her lovely hums I hear, like a kid given a hundred dime, Walking along the sidewalk made with bricks, hopping merrily, with an ice bag full of candies in her hand “Hello Mary, you’re up so […]

Heart Attack

My blood is so loud I can’t hear my thoughts, I find myself so silent though I’m a hurricane this is so unusual my veins pop-out into my temple – the tears are falling down down on my nipple I feel so much sorrow guess I’ve never been so a-low-ne 11 Views DenizaI am a […]

The Crepler

I watch you through open doorways and windows to make sure you do what you should. I like to lick bones; it makes me feel good. You can try to find me first. I’m outside near the firewood. But if I find you first, I’ll snatch away your childhood. 1 Views OverminesCaretaker of The Omniverse […]

You Were My Light

Take me somewhere Where it’s easy And where it’s dark I want you with me You shine so bright ‘Cause you’re my light The days have passed Your light is gone And I’m still standing But not for long 37 Views LAS

Sad Poems — $100 Contest

Winner We’ve selected “What Survives” by Informantxgirl as the winning poem. Congrats! The feeling of sadness isn’t always a bad thing; sometimes it’s quite beautiful and even cathartic. So, that’s the contest: make us cry. The poem we think is the saddest will earn its writer $100. The contest will run for two months, with […]

Strength of Belief

I believe in you, I believe in me, I believe in everything good that I see. Climbing mountains, you’ll reach their tops. Believe in yourself and never give up. Because enormous is human strength, Just do not ever drop your hands. Go ahead and never stop trying. Do what your heart is desiring. Never-never have […]

A Thousand Sunsets Later

A thousand sunsets have hied, Yet the libretto still ballets from my nozzle My heart twines your tunes beat for beat A thousand sunsets have hied, But I am lost in the crepuscule of my doubts, Wondering if you are truly gone, For I still feel you close a thousand sunsets later 5 Views MaxiMoron

A Zest for Z’s

The Zen of zed, I thought, would make a good poem. I’d describe lazy, hazy dayz, Dozing cozily to the buzz of the bees, As a breeze (a zephyr!) wafted through the trees. But zoinks! Jazzy words began to zip through my head. Snazzy words like Zap! Zinger! Zig-zag! Razz-ma-tazz! And I realized this poem […]