i made a vow when i turned thirteen that i’d die when i choked on gasoline i would burn all the ashes of this nightmare and pretend that nobody would care maybe that last bit still rings true when matches strike and light up the issue showing the truth of life’s true fixture everyone loves […]

Running from Reality

I cannot stop running from reality, Being the coward I know I am. But the fact remains to be that one day I will tire and collapse to my knees, my legs bloodied and bruised from its relentless pounding against the bare cement, my eyes swollen and watering from the harsh winds battering them, my […]

Blame and Remember

You took it from me The only thing that was keeping me sane They say forgive and forget But how can I forgive and forget When my heart feels as if it has been carved out of its place And it’s been replaced with a vast and dense stone Tell me how can I forgive […]

You Were My Light

Take me somewhere Where it’s easy And where it’s dark I want you with me You shine so bright ‘Cause you’re my light The days have passed Your light is gone And I’m still standing But not for long 38 Views LAS

A Zest for Z’s

The Zen of zed, I thought, would make a good poem. I’d describe lazy, hazy dayz, Dozing cozily to the buzz of the bees, As a breeze (a zephyr!) wafted through the trees. But zoinks! Jazzy words began to zip through my head. Snazzy words like Zap! Zinger! Zig-zag! Razz-ma-tazz! And I realized this poem […]


It comes readily and so effortlessly That same reality that keeps coming It has endured with me for the better of times And has now decided to reside with us for the best of it I don’t know if you can see what am seeing Or perhaps you feel I have a bad sight But […]

The Wind

The wind keeps teasing me Blowing the leaves Like a child, I try to catch one But the wind scorns me And blows the leaf away Further from my grasp I follow the leaf’s trail And finally grab hold But to no avail The wind uses all its force And the leaf slips free The […]


Herald of joy and hope Born an “ethiop” Each day, bubbling like froth The land has watered my hope Proud I am, to be a Negro; A descent, with enviable ethos The land of the pyramid mysterious The wondrous invention of Cheops The home of the Tutankhamen tomb, lustrous For millennia past, The cradle of […]