A Place Among the Stars

Through long and winding roads, leaping gleefully over puddles of water, hugging my thick jacket tighter to trap the warm air then clutching my father’s large hand, feeling its warmth radire all over my arm, peering up into his hooded face and enjoying the rush of emotions- happiness, contentment and trust in the one big […]

Moving On

This is how it begins. No matter where you’re born, even if it’s a forest, you slowly get used to it. It raises you and nourishes you. It comforts you and renders you whole. Slowly, you start getting used to it. You know each corner, each bush, each thicket, each giant tree, each plant, each […]

Nature and Its Awe!

For years, it has been a source of marvel, The mystery of creation, I’m yet to unravel, The iridescent oblong box that illuminates the dark, Lights the mind and creates a warm world, dead in the night The rude sun pierces the curtain uninvited, Finds its way into the hut and mansion The infinite blue […]

Darling Dog

Darling Dog. I just sit here on the rock while you run in circles like horses racing round and round the ivy and oaks crossing the footbridge and turning on your tiny little heels thrashing across the footpaths that are slowly fading into brush. I laugh, and laugh, and watch. From my shaded seat I […]