i made a vow when i turned thirteen that i’d die when i choked on gasoline i would burn all the ashes of this nightmare and pretend that nobody would care maybe that last bit still rings true when matches strike and light up the issue showing the truth of life’s true fixture everyone loves […]

Fading Recollection

We sit, you stare at me but see nobody “What a beautiful girl, who are you, dear?” I crack a broken smile: “It’s me, sweet grandma.” You blink bewildered, your thoughts unclear The clock keeps on ticking, never once tiring You feel lost, nothing belongs, all pass from sight Your jigsaw mind slips into oblivion, […]

At the End of the Day

At the end of the day … I decided to read her memories Stuck in her intimate ancient armoire. Who would have thought that, In spite of all this struggle For denial and truth She would be able to keep intact her feelings For that special figure She thought she could forget? These feelings of […]