Quondam Hero

Smooth skinned, old babe-my James Bond! Relationship knows her worth through us, we leads her, her way. Every Morning, I wake up and think of our day ahead, yet you told me “Two-thirds of the week is enough for us”! I see us heading nowhere with these! You wanted “just” friends, I secretly wanted “close” […]

Moving On

This is how it begins. No matter where you’re born, even if it’s a forest, you slowly get used to it. It raises you and nourishes you. It comforts you and renders you whole. Slowly, you start getting used to it. You know each corner, each bush, each thicket, each giant tree, each plant, each […]

Simply Put

So I’ve been sitting here, at my dining room table, staring at this torrential downpour of a tropical storm, thinking about you, and how right now, if you woke in time for your flight, are halfway around the world. More specifically, I have been dwelling on what I would say to you if I had […]

Remembering to Fly

Steady hands betray her expertise. Cora reaches out to flip the switch and bring the Screen to life. Not her own Screen. She could never afford that. The owner sleeps calmly for someone with such little security and Cora feels a twinge of sympathy. It dissipates quickly. She has convinced herself that she can no […]

The Seeker

“You are away and walking farther away from home, son”, said the old raggedy looking man. “And, [he paused for some seconds, looked intensely into the boy’s eyes and continued] there is a lot you can find out here. But as for the specific thing you are looking for [he inhaled and exhaled deeply, simultaneously, […]

The Worst Person I’ll Never Forget

I was fifteen, almost sixteen, and I was lost. I was under the influence of a vulnerability I think most women experience at that age. It was just a few years after my parents had lost their relationship with each other, and eventually me. I didn’t have much of a relationship with anyone to be […]

At the End of the Day

At the end of the day … I decided to read her memories Stuck in her intimate ancient armoire. Who would have thought that, In spite of all this struggle For denial and truth She would be able to keep intact her feelings For that special figure She thought she could forget? These feelings of […]

Four Short Words

Just one month ago, four short words changed her world: “Will you marry me?” Now, a half-mile walk to the Alpine County bus station was all that stood between Alissa and the biggest decision of her life. January 2nd, 2015 “No.” A puzzled look was all Damon could muster after her shocking response. “No, Damon. […]