Righting Rage

I am Sane Other people crazy My actions are my own. My decisions, a choice of options debated behind wide eyes perceived through a sculptured heart I am crazy Other people are sane They wouldn’t have done things the same, seen things the same, responded the same. Not even close… so why did I? I […]

Cancer Sucks… And Then You Live

People get caught up in a world created within the limits of their own minds where they tell their children they’ll read to them, play with them and talk to them… later. They’re too busy for social invites because work can’t wait and life is moving fast and they can’t slow down long enough to […]

Four Short Words

Just one month ago, four short words changed her world: “Will you marry me?” Now, a half-mile walk to the Alpine County bus station was all that stood between Alissa and the biggest decision of her life. January 2nd, 2015 “No.” A puzzled look was all Damon could muster after her shocking response. “No, Damon. […]