Righting Rage

I am Sane Other people crazy My actions are my own. My decisions, a choice of options debated behind wide eyes perceived through a sculptured heart I am crazy Other people are sane They wouldn’t have done things the same, seen things the same, responded the same. Not even close… so why did I? I […]

Lessons from Three Kids

Today, much like any other Friday; signaling the end of a stressful week while welcoming the two day break. Unlike last week’s, today is with a twist. As I enjoyed my after work hours with some colleagues at the shop, an interesting sight sealed my month and opened my brain. What could it be?! A […]

Where is the Light?

As the day brightens up, and as the sun shines forth; the eyes are opened to a journey on a new adventure, and a refreshing thrill. The mind in its hollowness, tries to align itself to the day’s thrill. Right down within, the mind struggles to connect with the light. Seconds passed and hours rolled […]

The Mandela We Should All Become

Most African leaders possess a common frailty, “greed”, which has become so abysmal and unequivocally detrimental to the Pan-African concept. They have failed to understand that true leadership means selfless service, rather, their interest lies more in satisfying their unquenchable greed. “A me first” approach has become the norm in African leaders. They gladly run […]