Stress Relief for Beginners

“Two deep breaths. Two deep breaths. Two de–”. I stop myself as my voice begins to speed up again. This is a yoga studio, no place to show off who I used to be. In my mind I stress the used to be, because if I can convince myself, I sure as hell can convince […]

Living Forever

People like Living Forever because they never want death ever They like seeing the more Luxurious life,science lore All Children want Mum and Dad By them until the end of Gad Men of the World go deeper to sustain what is a bleeper Damsels and Dudes use Telomorase to increase their life Phase The Rich […]

The Trips

It became official today. We are moving to the Trips. My name is Travis. Travis Filing. I am 14 years old and we are on the run. Living with 3 older brothers you kind of learn when not to step out of line and this was one of those times. About 300 years ago the […]

Calm as the Sea

The waves lap against the strong wooden frame of the HMS Sure Stead. The British Brigantine was sailing from its home-port in London England to deliver useful goods and tools to the colonies. The night air was as calm as the sea. A sprightly mist danced in the bright lantern light. The only sounds to […]

Benefit of Doubt

After seven months they knew each other. He knew her. What exactly she knew he could not speak to. After meeting on line and then in person things progressed if not quickly then at such a pace to imply things would go long term. He had learned a few things from trying to meet a […]

The Tales of Dinky Birchwood

Dinky was a man of leisure; he came from old money that his family had made in the railroad business and pig iron. Sure he went to college and got his degree to go along with his pedigree. But, Dinky didn’t really need to work for a living, because he already had money and lots […]