Cancer Sucks… And Then You Live

People get caught up in a world created within the limits of their own minds where they tell their children they’ll read to them, play with them and talk to them… later. They’re too busy for social invites because work can’t wait and life is moving fast and they can’t slow down long enough to […]

Is Your Heart Hard?

Is your heart hard? Does it really beat? Is your soul soft? Does it really seek? Does your heart lurch? Does your soul search? I am … You can… 5 Views Pearl SeigelPearl Seigel is the self-published author of: 7 Tried and Tested Triangles. This book is the fruition of the author’s many years spent […]

The Wind

The wind keeps teasing me Blowing the leaves Like a child, I try to catch one But the wind scorns me And blows the leaf away Further from my grasp I follow the leaf’s trail And finally grab hold But to no avail The wind uses all its force And the leaf slips free The […]