i made a vow when i turned thirteen that i’d die when i choked on gasoline i would burn all the ashes of this nightmare and pretend that nobody would care maybe that last bit still rings true when matches strike and light up the issue showing the truth of life’s true fixture everyone loves […]

Running from Reality

I cannot stop running from reality, Being the coward I know I am. But the fact remains to be that one day I will tire and collapse to my knees, my legs bloodied and bruised from its relentless pounding against the bare cement, my eyes swollen and watering from the harsh winds battering them, my […]

You Were My Light

Take me somewhere Where it’s easy And where it’s dark I want you with me You shine so bright ‘Cause you’re my light The days have passed Your light is gone And I’m still standing But not for long 38 Views LAS


Seeing the ticks of clock, moments flashed back as she used to prepare herself for day’s work and usually he slept besides her or in other room as she had to go much early in the morning, he woke up after sometime or even kept on sleeping…………..Come on Sara all are waiting for you……..A voice […]

The Seeker

“You are away and walking farther away from home, son”, said the old raggedy looking man. “And, [he paused for some seconds, looked intensely into the boy’s eyes and continued] there is a lot you can find out here. But as for the specific thing you are looking for [he inhaled and exhaled deeply, simultaneously, […]

Going Crazy

Is it wrong that I feel like I’m dying inside, even though my life is okay? I mean, my parents aren’t split up, nobody died, we’re not broke… yet I frequently shut myself in the closet, cry until I can’t, and inflict pain on myself. I feel like I’m insane, like maybe there’s a screw […]


If wrists are to be cut, let them bleed out. Deeper and deeper, the mind drowns in its own thoughts. The sharp words roll off of his judgmental tongue with poisonous strikes on the damaged heart. As the mind worsens, so does the urges to inflict. As crimson streaks form through the pale flesh, Materials […]