i made a vow when i turned thirteen that i’d die when i choked on gasoline i would burn all the ashes of this nightmare and pretend that nobody would care maybe that last bit still rings true when matches strike and light up the issue showing the truth of life’s true fixture everyone loves […]

You Were My Light

Take me somewhere Where it’s easy And where it’s dark I want you with me You shine so bright ‘Cause you’re my light The days have passed Your light is gone And I’m still standing But not for long 38 Views LAS

A Death in the Family

No matter what you believe or where you live, we all have to face death at some point, in one way or another. Some cultures are very healthy in the way they handle death and some are not. If you don’t happen to be part of a culture where death is a celebration of life, […]

An Opossum in the Grass

One night, I buried a dead baby opossum behind my father’s hammock in the backyard with a heavy, rusty digging shovel. The only plausible murder suspect was my luckless cat, Ernest. Mom had always wanted a dog – a Great Dane or some other kind-hearted, monstrous mutt. But our backyard was too small for a […]

Sad Memories

Cursed! Cursed it all! Curse the past mornings, nights, moons and stars we shared. It’s lacking would have lessen the pain, terror and agony I stomach now She came only to tease without leaving her child, happiness but her enemy, memories. Sitting amidst exanimate bloods, holding your whiten body, I had her enemy, memories. She […]


If wrists are to be cut, let them bleed out. Deeper and deeper, the mind drowns in its own thoughts. The sharp words roll off of his judgmental tongue with poisonous strikes on the damaged heart. As the mind worsens, so does the urges to inflict. As crimson streaks form through the pale flesh, Materials […]