The Legendary Tales of Notch Johnston

The new group of medical students stared at the ugliest human they had ever seen. It looked to be at least a thousand years old and then some. Only two of the students even guessed what it really was. And they were human! They all stood looking through old style bulletproof one-way glass at the […]

Moving On

This is how it begins. No matter where you’re born, even if it’s a forest, you slowly get used to it. It raises you and nourishes you. It comforts you and renders you whole. Slowly, you start getting used to it. You know each corner, each bush, each thicket, each giant tree, each plant, each […]

Where is the Light?

As the day brightens up, and as the sun shines forth; the eyes are opened to a journey on a new adventure, and a refreshing thrill. The mind in its hollowness, tries to align itself to the day’s thrill. Right down within, the mind struggles to connect with the light. Seconds passed and hours rolled […]

Calm as the Sea

The waves lap against the strong wooden frame of the HMS Sure Stead. The British Brigantine was sailing from its home-port in London England to deliver useful goods and tools to the colonies. The night air was as calm as the sea. A sprightly mist danced in the bright lantern light. The only sounds to […]