Ghosts — A Creation of Our Mind

I don’t believe in the presence of ghosts. There is no such thing as a ghost. Some people say that as there is a presence of god and goodness evil in the form of ghosts are also present on this earth. But these are just thoughts. Goodness and evil all lies beneath ourselves. Ghosts are merely a creation of our mind.

There are a no. of myths associated with the presence of ghosts. Egyptians also believe in the concept of life after death.

Here is a very funny incident about someone’s encounter with ghosts. Some time back I had a friend who worked in a mortuary at a reputed hospital. One night he was working till very late it was almost midnight time, he was sitting in his cabin alone. It was a small room and the windows of the room were closed. He was feeling very suffocated so he thought to go to the mortuary for inspection of the new dead bodies that had come that day.

He was walking past the beds on which the corpses were lying.

Just then he felt something rising behind him. He was sweating profusely. Sweat covered his whole face. He tilted slightly to look back. He turned completely and saw a face behind him. His hands and legs begun to tremble. The corpse was standing behind him completely straight with pale face and closed eyes.

But the body wasn’t moving it was just standing and looking into him. He was about to faint but suddenly he regained consciousness and realized that it was just a dead body which was standing because air has been filled inside it. The ward members had forgot to put ear and nose plugs.