I warn you. This is a highly offensive piece of writing. If you are offended by anything that in any way mocks your religion, do not read this post.

The religion of Christianity… Makes absolutely no sense. I was Christian for twelve years, and I never seemed to get it. So many contradictions… But why? Why would you believe in something that ‘tells you’ it is all powerful, and then it just lets people die? Why would you worship such a thing?

The bible tells you that if you take God as your savior, then you will go to Heaven. So here’s a scenario. A man rapes a young girl. Both of them go on to be hardcore Christians. That means, according to the Bible, they should both go to heaven? That’s completely and utterly wrong.

There’s so many examples of why Christianity is off… Telling you to kill people because of who they love? Horrible. Saying slavery is okay? Bull crap.

I am sorry if this offends you in any way. But Christianity makes no sense.