No God Required

Religion has no ownership over morality. The point of this article comes neither from a place of pro-religious or pro-atheist rhetoric, but from a simple and logical observation. There are many, many beliefs in our world, and perhaps the biggest flaw with virtually all of them, is the idea that that belief is best, the […]

An Unexpected Lesson from a Class I Didn’t Want to Take

Bodhicitta: a Buddhist concept for a person seeking to fulfill an enlightened mind through maintaining an open mind and heart towards all they encounter, understanding that they can learn something from everyone and everything, and embracing new thoughts and ideas. Until my junior year of college, holding on deeply to a religion I was born […]


I warn you. This is a highly offensive piece of writing. If you are offended by anything that in any way mocks your religion, do not read this post. The religion of Christianity… Makes absolutely no sense. I was Christian for twelve years, and I never seemed to get it. So many contradictions… But why? […]