So you’ve written a list to manifest your soulmate. He must be______ or she must have______________. He has____________. She will______________. Congratulations! Now you know exactly what you need and want in a partner.
So what are the chances that you’ll find this soulmate partner? Pretty good…if you’re patient enough.

But remember, while being patient, that he/she has a list too. Probably one as long as yours.
And this may be what is delaying your fateful romantic life together–you’re both growing into your lists; he into yours and you into his.

So, if you’ve got: Must have stepped on the Moon; don’t expect to meet him until you’re well into your 60’s or 70’s and space travel is quite blase.

If you’ve got: Must go to the same gym as me; then you just might meet him tomorrow.

I only mention this because I’ve witnessed one guy (who’d never seen his beloved’s list) slowly go about achieving each item on her list, written years ago before they’d met.
Meantime, she’s ticking the one thing she’s written on his behalf: to be the woman he wants me to be (a somewhat tricky and potential dangerous one, this list item).

It’s simultaneous awesome and scary watching both of them. It’s why you need to be careful when it comes to WishListing; especially if you’re the manifesting type like my friends. It’s a terrible responsibility for them both; them ticking off items on a list she’d written over three years ago in either a fit of despair or naivete.

So, all I’m really saying is:
Careful what you list for, you’ll probably get it all exactly!

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