Promise to God

My mom was one of three daughters that stayed in the Valley. She was a tomboy and never wanted to wear shoes or a dress. In those days you were not allowed to wear a pants if you were a girl.

She met my dad and she fell in love immediately. Out of their marriage five kids were born. We were not rich but not poor as well. We had food on the table everyday, but my mom used to not eat as there wasn’t enough meat. She just said she wasn’t hungry.

We walk to school whether it was raining or not. When there was sport at school my mom would come and watch. We would get hot dogs which was a luxury for us. Other kids had money to buy a cool drink and sweets, but we didn’t. This just made us better people when we grew up as we appreciated everything that came our way.

We used to love listening to the stories that my mom told us. Like how she put some matches in her eyes to keep it open when they needed to listen to the church, in the evenings. How she would steal fruit from the kitchen and slide on her tummy, pass her parents room and how the fruit would be squashed, but they ate it.

As my father was a handsome man, the ladies was mad about him and there was a lot of times he wasn’t home. We were already three kids when she found out she was pregnant again. She was very sad as we were already suffering financially.

As the pregnancy progressed she was starting to get excited about the baby. When the baby was born he wasn’t breathing. She prayed and miraculously the baby started to breath again. The doctors said that there would be something wrong with him as his brain was without oxygen for a long time.

We all grew up and my dad left his wandering ways and became an awesome husband and a wonderful dad. All of us got married and moved out of the house.

One day I got a call from my eldest sister saying my mom have cancer and the first thing that I asked was she going to die?

Well my mom did get very sick and I was very very angry and had a lot of questions. She then told me the story of my baby brother that was born without breathing and her prayer. She said she prayed that God save her baby, let her see her kids grow up and be happily married, then He can take her. She said that my brother grew up to be an awesome young man and we are all settled. She said God kept his part of the deal and it is now her turn to keep her part and that she is happy knowing we are sorted out.

Well she did pass away but I will never forget her story and with the knowledge that I know she is save where she is, I am also happy. So yeah my mom is my hero and even though she passed on, she is always in my heart and my memories. Love you mom forever.