So you’ve written a list to manifest your soulmate. He must be______ or she must have______________. He has____________. She will______________. Congratulations! Now you know exactly what you need and want in a partner. So what are the chances that you’ll find this soulmate partner? Pretty good…if you’re patient enough. But remember, while being patient, that […]

The Worst Person I’ll Never Forget

I was fifteen, almost sixteen, and I was lost. I was under the influence of a vulnerability I think most women experience at that age. It was just a few years after my parents had lost their relationship with each other, and eventually me. I didn’t have much of a relationship with anyone to be […]

Remote Relationships

There are thousands of people on social media claiming to be in complicated relationships with people who are not aware even of their existence such as celebrities. It’s not a surprise for me since I’m one of those people not with celebrities though. I’ve always been this way – a dreamer having lots of stories […]

Automatic Memory of Loss

Death is a shock of ice water to the senses, both physical and metaphysical, and I remember the exact second I experienced it for the first time. We were all just kids in ninth grade, innocent and wild, we didn’t think about what our words or actions did to others or to ourselves. We were […]

Promise to God

My mom was one of three daughters that stayed in the Valley. She was a tomboy and never wanted to wear shoes or a dress. In those days you were not allowed to wear a pants if you were a girl. She met my dad and she fell in love immediately. Out of their marriage […]