Why is it So Difficult?

Everyone and Everything around me seems to be all good.. Everything is just as it should be.. still my mind is not under control.. Sort of storming is going on.. I find myself in a Whirlpool struggling endlessly but destined to drown. The decision of seeking a path to get out of it or just accept the suffocating clutches of situations is beyond my intellect.. And if one dared as I did to take second opinions then he’ll wish these free funded consultancies would have never existed.. The delicate thread with beads of thoughts becomes all the more entangled..

The line between do’s and don’ts for my case is blurred.. It is or I have just made it seem like.. Can’t say.. It’s not like the super war of Good vs. Bad or Wrong vs. Right rather it is a mere confusion of following the long path which ends in eternal happiness or the shorter one which provides instant delight and pushes me into darkness that too with the fear of no coming back.. The answer is right there but the heart fears difficulties, the mind swings back and forth..

Suddenly another question stirs my brain fluid further and causes throttling. The question being “Why is it so difficult?” pushes me into thinking (as if I was doing something else up till now). Why am I or let me say most of us not able to make a choice? is it the decision making that is so difficult or its our tendency of being a slave of desires? Is it the situation or destiny trying to play a game or it’s us who don’t want to leave the old school game and face the reality? Why we don’t get answers to these questions or it’s that we don’t even bother to search? Why this dilemma? Is it so difficult? If yes then Why?