My Corruption-free Africa

Corruption has become a global menace that has plagued the productivity of many world economies, and rendered several nations bankrupt and grappling with their self-made shadow. What is corruption? Corruption is an act of dishonest dealing by those in position of power. What is Africa? Africa is the world’s second largest continent made up of 54 independent and self-governing territories. What is meant by “my corruption free Africa”? Certainly, it does not mean the Africa of yesterday or today, rather it means the desired Africa free from corruption and self-sufficient. Corruption therefore, is an age long problem that has diminished the human and natural gift of Africa and resulted in it nationals going abroad to seek for greener pasture.

It is note-worthy to state that colonialism brought about the major rot Africa is grappling with today. This seemingly harmless but deadly rot has dilapidated much of Africa’s progress and robbed it of its pride to be among the world developed nations of the world.

Looking generally at Africa, it is no more news that African countries are topping the list of corrupt and under-developed nations of the world. With the rate at which corruption is going today, it has slowed down the pace of meaningful development and speedy growth. Is there any continent, region, state or community of this world that is free of corruption? Corruption abounds in all spheres of life, even the best and most developed nations of the world are not completely void of corruption and its practice; the difference there is in their level of intensity.

Today in Africa, corruption is manifested in various forms such as stealing, embezzlement of funds, deception and insincerity, piracy, terrorism, murders and assassinations, greed and wickedness, pride and arrogance, fraud, misappropriation of funds, illegal acquisition of land, dirty politics etc. All these proves that most of the societal ills directly relates/connects with corruption or ultimately emanate from it. Corruption has destabilized everything Africa stands for and spoilt the hope of many from achieving it through legitimate means.

Taking a snap-shot at Africa today, you discover that when leadership has become void of servant hood, corruption sets in. Examination malpractice is at its peak today where persons pay to cheat and get forged results. Severally, in various parts of Africa, leaders have been ousted out of office due to forged results. Getting power by force is now the order of the day in politics and governance where nepotism, godfatherism, and favoritism is at its peak. Politicians aid and abet corruption by employing the services of vibrant youths as political thugs. Poor economic orientation where it is no longer the best getting the job but the connected and powerful. A system where youth representation is very poor and governance is led by some cabal of politicians that have made governance their domicile. A corrupt system where nothing works well as a result of the decay in human element that has in turn reduced meaningful and speedy development. Africa is plagued by religious extremism. Diverse uprisings ranging from religion, politics, governance and economic reforms has hit the major landscape of Africa. True religion has lowered in Africa. True religion was noted for equity, truth, peace and togetherness. Against the norms religion upheld is now major rivalry among the various religious sects that are clamoring for power, more followers and dominance. When the index of corrupt nations is done African nations takes the lead.

In a book written by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein, the authors confirmed that blacks have lower intelligence quotient than the white, Asians and people of other continents. They said that the lower Intelligence Quotient’s in blacks owes to their weak genes. I believe that this theory was borne out of the level of rot Africa has experienced. In 1965, Nigeria was richer than Indonesia and Ghana richer than Thailand. Today Indonesia is three times richer than Nigeria and Thailand richer than Ghana. In 1965 Uganda was richer than South Korea and in 1967 Zambia was richer than South Korea. Zambia had a per capital income of 200 dollar and South Korea had a per capital income of 120 dollar, after 30 years South Korea’s gross domestic product was more than 10,000 US dollars in 1998 and Zambia 400 dollars, while Uganda is nowhere to be compared with South Korea of 1965. More than half of the gross domestic product of Africa is contributed by South Africa and Nigeria. Some school of thought believe that poverty is a direct fuel for corruption, yet you find the rich and privileged in the society spearheading corruption. The poor and less privileged are used as allies for manipulation by the powerful. Corruption in Africa has created a big margin where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Many government policies in Africa favors the rich against the poor that can hardly raise a penny to carter for their needs and immediate family.

Since we earnestly desire a corrupt free Africa, at least free from shackles which places us in a better position to apply true reasoning to developmental actions and improve our position in global corruption index. Is it not deplorable that Africans tie themselves with ropes and look up to external help? Are these external helps we crave for not also corrupt? Remember the horrible cases of the present; unprecedented level of prostitution that has hyped the rate of HIV/AIDS and other sexual related diseases, child theft and murder for rituals, cannibalism and political defamation of characters. More to the detriment of Africa, our leaders patronize corruption, thereby strengthening its increase.

In conclusion, in order to have “My Corruption free Africa”, it is pertinent to state that it might take years or even decades to restore Africa, but it starts with Africans upholding moral positivism and the absolute rule of law in all spheres of life till it soaks into the mind for an emphatic change that will be seen in the foreseeable future.