2016 Election; Welcome to the Real World 17 Year-Olds!

Just the other day I told my mother I was starting to do some background research and knowledge “stack-up” on the candidates running to represent their respective parties in the Presidential Election of 2016. Being only 17 years of age, my mother instinctively laughed as I am only a minor. What she failed to realize was that in a year’s time, just around the corner from yet another new president (and hopefully not a new set of problems), I would have the opportunity to vote for who I deemed fit to run this country. Once she had this epiphany I almost felt sorry for her as I am her first child, and I am reaching yet another milestone in my life as she grows just a tad bit older (only a tad mom!). Anyways, the realization of voting led me to ponder the many other now-17 year-olds out there who may have not had this thought cross theirt minds yet. Its also saddening to think some of them will let the election pass without even realizing it, or without caring. Everyone (not just teenagers) who do not vote has their own excuse, whether it be “Neither candidate will do a good job so why should I vote at all?” or “I’m just one vote, I couldn’t make any difference with the thousands of others who vote.” Now all of us who do vote and care verty much about the leadership and direction of our country tend to get annoyed with these responses, but we can live with them. We’ll go on making our own decsions and doing what’s right in our own eyes. But I think many of you will share my same opinion when I say I cannot stand when those same people who refused or did not care enough to vote say somethingas ignorant as “President (blank) doesn’t know what he’s doing,” and “This guy/girl is such an awful president,” and even “So-and-so could’ve done a much better job.” If there was ever an ideal time to face-palm or throw yourself out of bed and onto the floor and throw a teenage/adult tantrum about the wretched intelligence of some people, you guessed it; it would be right now. You cannot skip out on voting and reserve the right to complain about whoever does become president. If you didn’t care then, why do you care now? I mean, a few months back, you had been saying how you weren’t going to make a difference, or the outcome made no difference to you. Now you have the nerve to complain about what you would have been ale to prevent. Newsflash to all of you adults and, like me, newcomers to the voting world; educate yourselves. If we want this country to change for the better, feel that our goals are being shared by someone of a higher power who has that power to reach them for us, we need to stand together and make that differnece in our world. Imagine if all of you who agreed that voting wouldn’t make any differnece in the election outcome banded together to vote. That’s a sizable number. All I’m saying is to consider the world topday. You know it isn’t pretty. Thank God the Omniverse is. We can make that change. For my fellow 17 year-old Americans out there, I ask that you educate yourselves between now and the next election. Don’t listen ot rumors or your 40 year-old American counterparts that don’t vote and say “President (blank) is an idiot ’cause of this athis and this.” No. Educate your SELF about the intentions, plans, and goals of the candidates. Find a few you agree with, and research them a little more. Find that one that suits your voice. And when you reach the polling station in November 2016, be heard. We can make a difference. We just have to have the courage to rise above the ignorance and stand up for ourselves in this world. I can do it. And I will stand by any of you who can stand by me as well and make a differnece in our world. Let’s do it.