Who am I?


I rest, I aggress and I defend!
My true nature that makes me what I am.
I’m an inspiration to my tribe and my pride.
When I rise, I ride and I roar,
I’m a champion!

I known by all, feared by many and challenged by only a few.
And for this I am king!
See my battle scars?
They are not from birth!
They are earned, and they are my stripes!

From the rise of my blade, and the swing of my claw,
I’ll hear my enemies scream.
This is the madness of my kind,
And the love of my madness!

Pride is my ally and dearest friend.
For I trust just only me.
Empty is my heart but filled is my glory.
And this is my legacy!

My reign is immortal!
I listen intently, see clearly and judge wisely.
My façade is deadly!
I was born for this,
I was born ready!

My only war is within me,
For none other can take my throne.
Love me and fear me for all times.
Remember me,
I am Rex!
I am the beast!
I am the Lion – the King!