Where is the Light?

As the day brightens up,
and as the sun shines forth;
the eyes are opened to a journey
on a new adventure, and a refreshing thrill.
The mind in its hollowness,
tries to align itself to the day’s thrill.

Right down within, the mind struggles
to connect with the light.
Seconds passed and hours rolled by
yet, the mind still wallows in darkness
and uncertainties of the past.

The eyes are not the mind,
and the mind is not the eyes.
Thus, the mind cannot blend with the existence of the day.
The light thought to be lost in the eyes,
is no where to be found in the mind.
Where is the light?
Where is the light that illuminates the mind?
Where is the light that awakens the mind
and connects it to the thrills of the day?

Where hence is the light that propels the mind?
The light that opens up the mind not just for the day’s sanity,
but for joy of the hopes of tomorrow.
Lights brightly shone to the eyes, do not ignite the light within.
A smiling face does not portray a joyful mind.

To live a day full of adventure,
the light of the mind must be illuminated.
This light surpasses the outer ones that create
an ephemeral happiness and a short-lived glowing
personality of yourself.

YOU are the light!
Lighten up your mind within to illuminate the eyes.
Daily igniting the inner light [YOU],
prepares you for a thrilling day,
solidifies your personality of who you are
and assures you for a much refreshing tomorrow.

The Light is YOU; lighten up your mind to illuminate your DAY!