Thinking of You

I sit here today thinking of you
I think of all the good times we had and the memories we share
I think about how we met and of our first kiss
I think of all the times when you were missed
I think of all the I love you
And all the fights
The sleepless night wishing you were near
I think about the hugs
And the times we stayed up on the phone
The times we were apart and how it hurt to not have you around
I think of the things you would say to cheer me up
And the flowers you would send
The things you do for me without regard

I think of your smile and how it brightens up my day
I think about the kids and how we gave them life
I think about the day I became your wife
I think about all of this and it brings tears to my face
Just want you to know if you die you cant be replaced
Because I’m nothing without you
Your my saving grace