The Deaf Smoker

The words that linger out of my mouth try to explain how lovely you are
But you can’t focus due to your burning cigar
You’ve become blind from all the damaging sights
It’s stunning how nicotine can cause many fights
It’s dangerous, it’s hazardous
The threatening ones trick
Slab by slab, it makes you sick
Surely, you lost yourself
You should’ve cried out for help
They had said it gets better, they had said it was alright
I wish you would’ve talked to me, told me they were right
They had told me I was loved, loved by you
It seems to be a dream, definitely not true
I had loved you dearly, I cared as well
I wish I had helped to break this spell
I had told you to quit, but I guess you didn’t hear
That’s why I suppose your no longer here