The Cuddle

As the rain dances on the earth’s face,
The Sun had slowly closed its shutters;
For Stars now spreads there beds across the Sky;
The Moon timidly peeped from a corner of the Sky;
The cold breath from the night’s wind hovered over my skin;
Sending shivers through my body.

I closed my eyes to inhale the aroma of the earth’s perfume,
which exhumed from the droplets of the heaven’s tears.

My lips could not help but to force my cheeks to touch the corners
of my ears for a smile.

The sweet thought of holding them in my arms swirled on the
surface of my mind, my heart lit its candle of joy at the thought of our cuddling.

Oh finally! Home sweet home, and there they are!
I have missed them so much!
We are finally back together.
Yes; my pillow, quilt and I will be cuddling tonight.