Strength of Belief

I believe in you, I believe in me,
I believe in everything good that I see.
Climbing mountains, you’ll reach their tops.
Believe in yourself and never give up.

Because enormous is human strength,
Just do not ever drop your hands.
Go ahead and never stop trying.
Do what your heart is desiring.

Never-never have any doubts,
Listen to your thoughts and heart.
Do what you have decided to do
And remember that God is with you.

Whisper to yourself: “I can do it”.
There’s nothing that we can’t go through.
“I believe, I can, I will do”.
That’s because God is with you.

To achieve and to do something
Stand up right now and start doing.
‘Cause everything is in your hands,
Stand up, go straight to your best days.

Tomorrow, yesterday do not exist
That is today what you can fix.
Don’t ever lose your lucky chance,
Look, life is nice at every glance.

Do not give up to try again,
There’ll be a rainbow after rain.
I’m sure you can and you will win
In every deal that you begin.