Something About Nothing

I have a story to tell
A story I know nothing about
I know this story so well like the back of my hand
But it happened long before I was born.
I invite you to be my audience
I have lots of seats and foods
But I advice that you bring your seat and food.
There are many seats but they are for the unborn
The available food are for the dead.

This story happened a long time ago
Yet it is a story of tomorrow
I can confidently tell you about tomorrow

For tomorrow is here with us
Today was once tomorrow
Yesterday was one today.
The story is intriguing
You might need to put a cotton wool in your ear
For this is a story you definitely don’t want to hear
Bring along your enemy’s enemy
For what better way to enjoy life than with your friend.

Listen to my story
My sorry is a riddle
The riddle is a puzzle
The answer to my puzzle is you.
Answer my puzzle
Help me understand my riddle
Because you are the key to my story
Tell me the story
So that I may tell you my story!

By: Labake O.O.