Solitude – What is Mine


My conqueror – Myself!
My sole defeat is my soul.
Yes, it is an abomination to my existence,
Yet, it is my only existence!

Lonely I am, but alone I am not.
My company is my thought,
My ability to reason,
But in my reasoning, there lives my madness!

A solitary-man within my own solitude,
An embracer who fears to embraced.
I suffer and I die,
But I resurrect!

I’ve been haunted by the truth,
Buried by my thoughts,
Castrated by my emotions,
But I live!

“I am!”
“You are not!”
Vanity is your ally,
Vain is your soul!

I’ve been longing to learn but I was never taught,
This is my torture!
Change will come,
But we will be gone – we are static!

The rebel in me – my soul!
My need to disobey!
My urge to withdraw!
The rebel in me is my life!

My thought is my breath!
The air I breathe is my social defiance!
My will to think!
My absence to accept!

My challenges – my true possessions!
A proof of my ability to escape!
My ticket to freedom!
My inauguration to my reality!

My regrets – I have none!
But for pain, I have many!
It is my reward to learn!
My stamp of achievement!

My mind – my strength!
My compassion is my weakness!
Reasoning is my balance!
Thus, my solitude is my friend!

My vision; its immortal!
My future; its inevitable!
My life; I’ll live!
And for this, my heart, I’ll give!