Silver Medal

Jealousy has green eyes like Amanda
Has green eyes.
It eats away at me as the Hodgkin’s eats away at you.
As always, we are co-dependent, in health and in sickness, in love and Infidelity.
Will it be your family by your literal and metaphorical bedside at the end,
Or her?
While you bear the weight of pain and mortal fear,
I hurt too;
With the reality of being your silver medal.


Shannon Frost Greenstein is a former doctoral philosophy candidate and current office peon who laments how her years of schooling are wasted on the doldrums of administrative nonprofit nonsense. She aspires to pay off her student loans with her writing while simultaneously finishing the Next Great American Novel and acquiring more cats. She does NOT presently have too many cats, despite her husband’s opinion on the matter. She enjoys good wine, Nietzsche, literature, film, and irony.