Sad Memories

Cursed! Cursed it all!
Curse the past mornings, nights, moons and stars we shared.
It’s lacking would have lessen the pain, terror and agony I stomach now
She came only to tease without leaving her child, happiness but her enemy, memories.
Sitting amidst exanimate bloods, holding your whiten body,
I had her enemy, memories.
She was sweet, a temporary companion that wouldn’t last and dislike my happiness
When she came, I beamed, she viewed me so many things, our past life, before the war.
Oh! So tasty she was, our beautiful events she showed me
One we had at the stunning carnivals, singing joyous melodies, playing fireworks under cold night,
Sharing Christmas gifts under huge Christmas tree
I smiled, I laughed, but she frowned at me
Then I heard it, before now-Boom!
Advancing of our rivalry, they destroyed all; they divided all, you and me.
Amidst hopeless survivor running like madman chasing winds, I looked for you; my only hope, my only child
Stopping every depressed victim I asked if you were seen, from their faces, they were my twin; a victim.
“No, he must have vanished with the bombs, just like ours”
Hopefully, I gave out black thought and put on it opposite, I kept searching.
I saw a figure, same like you, height, and posture.
Lifted spirit, I run to hold you.
But you turned; it wasn’t you, a young victim, witness of this grief-stricken event.
He pointed at you, in a pool of blood, lying among lifeless being; your pale skin was whitened.
I lifted you, you were gone, and blood was your tears.
Boom! Boom!!
Our rivalry got me!
A sharp pain flew into my belly, blood splashes away.
I hoped we are together in the land of no man but my hopes were never.
I am here to hold our memories-without you.