Righting Rage

I am Sane
Other people crazy
My actions are my own. My decisions, a choice of options debated behind wide eyes perceived through a sculptured heart
I am crazy
Other people are sane
They wouldn’t have done things the same, seen things the same, responded the same. Not even close… so why did I?
I am Not perfect
Mistakes help me improve. Learning helps me understand. Imperfections make me unique.
I am Confident
What other people say and what other people do are a reflection of them. Not me. I direct my own life and do not obligate others to follow my script.
I am Anger
I see injustice and feel helpless when I cannot correct it. It is not my responsibility to fix anyone but myself. Bound compassion stimulates rage and then guilt.
I am Love
I am Forgiveness
I am sane, I am insane, I am not perfect, I am confident, I am anger and I am Love. How can I not forgive?