Nature and Its Awe!

For years, it has been a source of marvel,

The mystery of creation, I’m yet to unravel,

The iridescent oblong box that illuminates the dark,

Lights the mind and creates a warm world, dead in the night

The rude sun pierces the curtain uninvited,

Finds its way into the hut and mansion

The infinite blue tent that spreads across seas and deserts,

With a hue of blue and a mélange of colours,

Especially, when it exhibits the rainbow

The terrific terrifying whistling whirlwind,

Also, the soothing sting of a cool breeze,

And sometimes, the deafening echo of the thunderstorm,

The swift sparkling glint of the lightning

The strands that united to make a jungle,

How they came into harmony; I cannot fathom,

The serene scene of the savanna,

The restless fate of the tree when it bows to the wish of the wind

The lovely scent of the rose flower

The ever-constant rotation of the weather

The black, red, white, and inmates of the planets beyond

Oh Nature! Aye is my admiration for thou!