Morality Flees its Bedrock

It is indeed doleful
And has put the thoughtful,
In a mood sorrowful
The fact that morality flees its cradle

In the bedrock of morality,
Lie practices filthy
In the bedrock of morality,
Are people of gross immorality
More or less jingoists in acts of bigotry
All corrupt even the men of clergy
They are nothing but pioneers of crises
Fools, sages, and Clerics
Deficiently lacking ethics.

In the bedrock of morality,
Are many inadequacies
Morality its bedrock escapes
And everywhere there is chaos
Just because of moral decadence,
Provoked by struggle for worldliness
All in the race to amass wealth
Not mindful of death
All chasing the world fable
Forgetting the inevitable;
The day of reckoning,
And all it’s happening

What is there to chase in the world?
When it is as plain as pikestaff,
And clear as crystal;
That the demise of the world
Is as sure as death
And that the inevitable is death,
The inevitable is death

In the bedrock of morality,
Lies the future of humanity
The last resort of ethics
The first to suffer it.
Oh! Morality, why art thou fled your bedrock?