I remember those days,
I could play all day without any worries,
Used to play in the sands
and dance in the rain,
I was served breakfast, lunch, and supper
by my mother,
And I always ate wholeheartedly
I know I loved food a lot,
I still do.

I remember those days,
When I was happy to go to school,
I did like to learn
but I loved play time with friends more,
Our smiles and laughter
and our cute little fights,
I did a lot of mischief,
I still do.

I remember those days,
I would cry to have my way,
And if I did not; I would pout all day,
I had a little puppy
which I named happy,
he did live up to his name,
You cannot resist laughing
at his funny little acts.

I remember those days,
And wish wishes could come true
I would love to go back just for a moment,
To be happy without a care in the world.
Wish those days never ended,
But I guess I have to grow up.