Is Your Heart Hard?

Is your heart hard?

Does it really beat?

Is your soul soft?

Does it really seek?

Does your heart lurch?

Does your soul search?

I am …

You can…


Pearl Seigel is the self-published author of:

7 Tried and Tested Triangles.

This book is the fruition of the author’s many years spent in “Personal Change Mode” – these triangles have been used to train and coach many individuals, teams and businesses.

The author’s passion for innovation, business and people shine through and the reader may feel a rush of motivation and long lasting inspiration.

This excellent life-improving reading material blends personal life skills with business knowledge, leads the way on how to improve a person’s abilities to adapt and change.

Innovative visual models and easy to understand language guide the reader to personal, social and economic improvement through developing skills and experience.

Pearl holds a Masters of Business Leadership (MBL/MBA), from the Graduate School of Business Leadership, University of South Africa.

Her work experience includes branding, coaching, communication, consulting, marketing, training, accountancy and auditing.

She has worked in many different business environments in retail and service industries.