I’m Counting My Days; I’m Counting My Blessings

I had many dreams which I wanted to realize
Only a few of them accomplished,
and it’s time already to bid goodbyes…
I have to tell myself the journey is finished

I, the twenty-something is soon becoming a history
I still feel calm and blessed
I guess that’s some divine mystery
As I pondered…death is but another adventure I guessed.

I’m counting my days, I’m counting my blessings
I hear the last sweet song fading, that which my heart sings


My first novel (Medusa, a good, a bad, a secret…) was published when I was 15, needless to say I have always been making up stories in my mind and would lose myself in them. In January 2015, my second novel – Me was published.

My favorite pass time is day dreaming. I love to paint. I can keep a key fairly in tone while singing and I guess I’d get passing points for my dance moves.

I am into engineering and I love being a code monkey.