I Just Don’t Get It

Black people have worked
so hard
to get where we are now
news reporters try and tell us,
with a comically snooty voice

“you have to leave your feelings out of
the courtroom.
The law is the law
and you are not a lawyer
or a judge
or some other
overly educated Dr. Whoever
You don’t understand…”

No, you don’t understand
The Courtroom is here
the verdict is here
Emmett was here
Trayvon was here
Michael was here
but they aren’t anymore
so our feelings will go
wherever the hell they please
if that’s the courtroom
if that’s the streets of Baltimore
if that’s nowhere
……………………………… sobeit

No, you don’t understand
America doesn’t deserve a black president
it doesn’t deserve to say
we’ve come so far
because we still have so far to go
and Oprah can’t do everything

Some people
can take her at such high standards
then watch BET late at night
and think
most black people are ghetto
and trying to become
only some want to be leaders

We, the black people of america
then watch CNN late at night
and think
most white people think
this and that
and how mean
and how racist
and how true it all is

No, you don’t understand
thug profiling is
racial profiling
because whats more prejudice
than thinking a
black guy in a black hoodie
is a threat
and that’s acceptable
because being “black”
is okay for people
as long as your acting “white” in the process

No, you don’t understand
black community, you especially.
are only as good as their followers

No, you don’t understand
you all think I wear black
because I mourn for the lives of
Trayvon Martin
Micheal Brown
but I don’t mourn for their lives
I mean look at them
you decide for yourself
the misguided messes they all were

you don’t understand
I mourn for

No, you don’t understand
two people know the truth,
one’s dead
and one’s trying to keep
his self out of jail.
he did something wrong
whether or not
you call him a murderer
and months ago
a grand jury didn’t think
he needed to be
put on trial
no criminal punishment
for his crime against humanity

and the law was in his favor

I guess
I don’t understand.