Football, My Love

What is it
To love a round, stitched and dirty ball?
For me, it is to give up my seeing eyes (glasses)
Which present the World
With its minute details.
For instance, every stroke of brush on a colorful painting.
It empowers me
To feel at par
With the ones regarded as the superior sex.
For the time on the ground
Neither the shorts I wear
Nor my physical features bother me.
Tension is released
For the task at hand
Of securing the ball
Demands greater attention.
To kick the ball
And pass it to my team mates
Brings a smile
Although time is too precious
Even for a wrinkle of joy on my sweaty face.
Just like relationships require
Time and effort,
My negligence with my love
Has cost me ball control and dribbling skills.
It has also given me
My first heart break
When the winning trophy
Was snatched away
By a chance of luck.
So, that is how I love my dirty ball
Which sadly, has a short life span.