i made a vow when i turned thirteen
that i’d die when i choked on gasoline
i would burn all the ashes of this nightmare
and pretend that nobody would care

maybe that last bit still rings true
when matches strike and light up the issue
showing the truth of life’s true fixture
everyone loves you but only in pictures

thumbs up, keep liking photos,
of the people on the surface
thumbs up, keep loving posts i make
and we’ll all act like i have a purpose
thumbs up, keep saying that you care
then laugh when i’m left behind

i’m still swallowing fire and craving the burn
i’m still wishing for matches to strike up the sun
i’m still gasping for oil and it’s keeping me warm
if there’s one thing i know it’s how to perform

i made a vow when i was seventeen
not to let it get this bad.
i’ll make a vow when i turn eighteen
to say goodbye to mum and dad
if things go well i won’t hit nineteen
but i wish someone’ll care
blow a candle out in my honour
and we can act like i’m still there.