Different (Bullying)

just because i’m fat,not skinny
doesn’t mean i cant do things
just because i’m not popular
doesn’t mean i’m worthless
i am special in my own way
i don’t have to wear tons of make up to get attention
being my self will gain myself attention
just because i’m not like you
doesn’t mean i’m a freak
i am unique in my own way
so are you

we were all created by the same person,the same blood and the same
we were all put in this world to love each other not hurt each other
none of us are perfect and we wont suppose to be
we were all made in our own image ,a image we are suppose to embrace
not hide, a image that we are suppose to control not have someone
else control it

just because im poor and i cant afford things doesn’t mean you
should be pick on
just because people aren’t like you doesn’t mean you should
pick on them
so stop bullying stop judging poeple
because we are all the same just in different ways.