Cancer’s Blessing

Emotional clouds of light or darkness
The despair of a mother whose womb has betrayed her
The lightness of birth and cry of the sky
As the bird plucks up its twigs and branches
To create a home left in the aftermath of an explosion of a tree
Scraping off of blight and disease
Washed away in the deluge of sky tears
Tears of catharsis
We cannot escape her influence of purging
Purging to rid black shadows from our hearts and faces
We face death and birth, two sisters who hold hands
And encircling human endeavors with their truth
Truth of continuances and endings
We abhor cancers and diseases as strangers
But are they processes of the humanity circle
To teach us lessons of importance and insignificance
Life versus material; love versus inhumanity of greed
Identifying the crux of humanity
Balding and shedding of hair and thinning of body
But increasing of the soul and beauty of selflessness
Survivors grieve loss; but those who pass on learn
Ultimate truth, love, and charity
Final thoughts not of pain but of otherness.
We who are left are selfish in grief
When we should be joyous that suffering has ended
And a new stage of beauty and heaven begins
Bullshit, the survivors, will say in their pain
Please let go of the hate of death, the dead will plead.
We are in a better place; but our pain of loss overshadows
The joy of renewal and lessons learned
We can’t clutch the joy in the space of the despair
Time will blend the joy and despair into a new picture
Painted by experience of gain and loss
If we all became cancer’s victim
Wars would end and peace gain
Because the strife for stuff and power would be replaced
With the strife for beauty and life.