At the End of the Day


At the end of the day …

I decided to read her memories
Stuck in her intimate ancient armoire.
Who would have thought that,
In spite of all this struggle
For denial and truth
She would be able to keep intact her feelings
For that special figure
She thought she could forget?

These feelings of love
Have never left her mind and heart,
Not a bit!
They were just waving towards significant experiences
That could bring light into the picture!
There is no hate,
But there is too much love
For a figure she wanted to relate to
By showing a way
That could have meant Evolution.

There is no denial
And there is no deception,
But an accurate response
To a negative treatment
She wanted so much to avoid…
Why was that hard
What was meant to be
So easy to understand?

There is no pride here to be shown,
But an amount of self-respect
That needs to be understood!
There`s a risk in loving that one figure
You feel for
And that`s discovering your own
In the middle of this battle field
Called Love!

…and she writes ”I do not care for the consequences,
I care only to be understood and respected as a woman!
I love you but there is no sacrifice in my knowledge.
I care and this is why is so hard …
I hear and this is why you need to listen …
I see and that is why you need to bear …
That`s the way it is
And maybe it`s not meant to be
Or maybe it is!”

There is no turning back
From all that happened already
But there`s a moving on
Into the accuracy of a well kept memory,
Of the feelings that have been shown all along
Even in fear, anger and hatred!