We Have a Responsibility

Anyone who has ever loved and cared for a sick or injured pet knows that animals can feel pain, and that it is possible for them to suffer. Compassionate owners would want to prevent the unnecessary suffering of their pets if they could. However, do they realize that animals that could have been someone’s pet are being abused every day? That is because laboratories around the world regularly perform cruel scientific experiments on animals. Even when the animals shake from fear or cry out from pain the experiments continue. This mistreatment of animals is morally wrong.

Animals undergo testing during experiments that we would never allow humans to go through. It is not fair to the animals that we use them in any way we want for our own benefit just because they can’t speak up and say no. Researchers force large doses of medications, pesticides, and chemicals into their bodies. Some of these substances are extremely toxic, and can cause excruciating pain, severe injuries, permanent damage, and even death. We call dogs man’s best friend, and yet it is legal to do experimental testing on them. It should not be permissible to harm a dog during an experiment, when it is against the law to torture pets. Monkeys are also often harmed during experiments. They are extremely smart, and they are closely related to humans, however, we ignore the fact that monkeys have feelings too, such as fear.

It is clear from reading the Bible that God is opposed to the abuse of animals. In Genesis God says that we have dominion over the animals. This means that He put us in charge of them, so we should take care of them. Also, it is obvious God does not want animals to be mistreated from the quote in Proverbs 12:10: “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.” We need to respect what God wants. Another quote that shows God’s love for His animals is found in Matthew 10:29-31: “A human being may be worth many sparrows, but even a sparrow does not die unnoticed.” If God cares this much for the animals, how can we knowingly cause one of His creatures to suffer? People may argue that research on animals is necessary, and is the only way to find new medications and chemicals that are safe for us. However, if there are no other, better routes for testing substances, then maybe God is trying to tell us that He does not want us creating and using so many new chemicals and medications.

We all have a responsibility to protect the animals on this planet. No one has the right to decide that an animal’s quality of life is unimportant. There needs to be a second Golden Rule that says: Experiment unto animals as you’d have others experiment on your pet or yourself. Then maybe people will get the message of just how morally unacceptable it is to do harmful testing on animals.

I have been a teacher, an educational trainer, editor, and freelance writer, but my most important job of all has been that of a wife and mother. I love spending time with my husband and 3 children.