Lessons from Three Kids

Today, much like any other Friday; signaling the end of a stressful week while welcoming the two day break. Unlike last week’s, today is with a twist. As I enjoyed my after work hours with some colleagues at the shop, an interesting sight sealed my month and opened my brain. What could it be?!

A snake! Definitely not, just in front of me, two brothers kola and hammed guided Tola on the bicycle he rented. It was something I never saw before. I have seen teamwork demonstrated in a pit stop but nothing like this. Tola was desperate to ride the bicycle. I’m guessing all his friends could but him. He was tired of been made a laughing stock. He wanted to learn no matter what. He had accumulated his 50 naira daily food token for this day.

Thanks to Kola and Hammed, Tola would have been like the rich man that took money to the shore only to find no boat to rent or purchase; his money, useless! K and H were good friends, they held onto their friend, guarding him from falling with continuous instructions. “Waa…waa” meaning “drive it…drive it” in Yoruba, they constantly chanted this like a general constantly lightening the burning flames of his subjects at war.

More than a class, the training looked and sounded like a war. “Waa…waa”continued. T is constantly fighting to keep his pedals in a circular part; K and H are persistent in straightening his hands and ensuring a fall is not included. Bystanders like myself could not blink, the story is better experienced than told. This point I was able to derive my first lesson; “to climb a mountain or channel a new course, yu need at least one person that shares your vision”. Without a like mind, failure soon pushes men off their track.

Ten minutes has passed, the same routing persisted. T is gradually improving in his pedal control. T must not face his fear of getting injured by falling on a bicycle if he must ride. K and H pushed him off towards the valley; here, he will need little energy but more daring spirit to keep his learning curve attractive. They pushed him towards success. Yes, not fewer than ten steps from where he was pushed, the grasses by the side of the path greeted him weldone. It was his first fall and first step towards his goal. Lesson two; “never be afraid of taking little steps, be afraid of been stagnant”…correct is the Chinese’s aphorism.

More trials followed but same was the results. He kept falling. His problem was his own fear of falling but he kept falling without improvements. K was running short of his enthusiasm but would not give up. It was clear that at this point, K and H had exhausted their skills, they could not see what caused it. I stood up. Yes, great job! T, while cycling, to keep upright, you must never stop pedaling. You are getting it, you will not fall; I poured him some encouragements.
The next trial was his personal best. He added a few more meters before falling with his sholdera higher. Lesson four; when your team seem exhausted, seek assistance from the more experienced hands outside your team. Also, when yu are given a good advice, hold tight unto it.

As Mich as I was enjoining it, the bicycle keeper came calling. Your time is up, your time is up. Life and fulfillment is like learning to ride a byclce, every minute spend trying produces a better return.

Thank you for reading.